The Last Part

It has been a long time since the last update, but finally I can say 0.3.4 is near completion. Yesterday I launched a form for the next closed alpha which will start next week (see here). This after spending almost two months fixing and rewriting old pieces of code which were giving me a lot of trouble.

During the closed alpha period, I will take time to go over bug reports and trying to fix the issues reported. I will also work on the last pending item, which is migrating the discoveries implemented in the old mod system to the new one, to make them fully compatible with the rest of the game. This will entail quite a bit of work since it involves introducing several new events and rewriting a lot code from version 0.3.3. At my current progress rate, it will probably take a couple of months.

As I mentioned before, dev updates will continue to be sparse. I might post something every three to five weeks, depending on how much progress I get to make. I don't have as much free time as before and I would rather spend it writing code than writing posts that show little to no progress. But, hopefully I'll be able to post more progress news sooner rather than later.

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