Halfway through Alpha 4

The work on alpha 4 is halfway done. For which the goal has been porting discoveries from the 0.3.3 moding system to the new one. The good thing about all of this is that by doing this I have been expanding the overall modding capabilities of the new system. For example, all cultural attributes (knowledges, activities, skills, preferences and discoveries) will now be accessible for groups, factions and polities to be used with all events, decisions and actions. There's still a lot of work to do. But I suspect I'll be done in a month and a half if not sooner.

It has been more or less a month since I started the test period for alpha 3 and I have received so far 92 applications to be testers. Though I have received very few bug reports, which makes me thing very few issues have cropped up so far or people haven't used much the application (more likely a mix of both). I'll likely wait until I'm done with the work on alpha 4 to look into the reported issues and try to handle these before publishing a newer build for testers. This means that the next alpha build I'll release to testers will not only include those fixes but also everything I have been doing for alpha 4. With that I'll spend a few more weeks just fixing bugs in preparation for the public release of 0.3.4.

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Quite fun!