Worlds 0.3.4 alpha 4 ready for closed testing

Finally, I managed to complete all the changes for alpha 4 and, for that matter, 0.3.4. I will perform a closed alpha period of perhaps a month or two before finally releasing 0.3.4 to the public. But if you want to participate in the closed alpha just fill this form (those who have already filled it for alpha 3 have already been included and should have received a mail with a link to the build by this point)

Getting alpha 4 ready proved to be much more challenging than expected. There were multiple hitches introduced by the migration of the discoveries from the old moding system to the new one. And I had to modify the simulation behavior quite a bit to solve those problems. I feel that I will need to spend some extra time balancing out the discoveries and how knowledges are affected for them. But I might leave that for post 0.3.4 builds. In any case, there's nothing else left to do other than bug fixing. There are still a pair or nagging issues that make the game stop prematurely. Hope to take care of those pretty soon.

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