Worlds (minor update)

I just posted a new, but very minor, update for Worlds. This update addresses the highly outdated modding guide. It should now explain most if not all the elements of the new modding system, and removes all entries that no longer apply. Some minor improvements were also added to the mod system, and a new contributor made some upgrades to the UI.

Here's a quick rundown of all changes:

  • Implemented WASD controls for map scrolling
  • Fixed a minor nullref
  • Added neighbors property to group entities to access a group's set of neighbors in mod scripts
  • Added group property to cell entities to access a cell's group (if present) in mod scripts
  • Added function to convert numeric values to boolean values in mod scripts

I wanted to release this update sooner, but fully updating the modding guide took quite a while. I'll try to keep the guide up to date as I make changes as I make them next time.

Stay tuned for news on future updates.


(EXPERIMENTAL) Worlds - History Simulator (MacOS 64bit) 36 MB
58 days ago
Worlds - History Simulator (Win 64bit) 35 MB
58 days ago

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Thanks for warning. I'm glad you've already done it. Thank you for all the time you have invested here.

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