Worlds 0.3.4

Hi all,

Finally here it is Worlds 0.3.4. (Sorry for the long wait). This version introduces many changes, most of which fall into the new, much more complex, mod system. I promise I will add post a video showcasing most of the changes but for now here's a summary of most major changes:

  • Full overhaul of the mod scripting system which now adds full support for decision and event scripting (only a few events remain hardcoded). Also rewrote how discoveries are defined to better match the new scripting system.
  • Added aggression and acculturation to human groups, which will have an effect on how populations migrate and mix with each other. This also has an effect on clans and tribes, making them a bit more dynamic.
  • Added player actions, which is a new way players can influence clans they take control of. These actions are accessed thru a new menu and are also fully scriptable.
  • Rewrote the region and territory generation algorithms to make it more a bit more visually pleasing and sensical.

Here's a condensed list of all changes since version

  • Replaced the 0.3.3 discoveries script with scripts using the 0.3.4 modding system.
  • Added a bunch of extra functionality to the 0.3.4 modding system to support discoveries
  • Added moddable diplomatic actions (improve relations with neighboring factions, make them join tribe)
  • Fixed issues with sea migration and sea route rendering
  • Rewrote aggression mechanism to make expansions over hostile territory more effective
  • Tweaked acculturation and migration pressure
  • Refactored multiple events and decisions
  • Added extra debugging overlays
  • Rewrote migration algorithm
  • Sea migrations no longer allow tribes to expand territories overseas (to be reimplemented later with colonization)
  • Added events/decision for clan collapse and core migration
  • Added more action related selection overlays
  • Improved modding framework and added more input request functions
  • rewrote and improved tribal and faction neighborhood detection
  • Added tooltips for actions
  • Improved animation for input requests
  • Added an auto-save feature that can be enabled/configured from the settings (thanks Demol)
  • Rewrote region generation system to generate more geographically consistent and well formed regions
  • Rewrote entity Id system which now allows the simulation to encompass a much much larger timeline
  • Completely converted all hard coded decisions into mod scripts
  • Improved the presentation of polity territories
  • Land areas fully encompassed by a polity's territory are now considered part of that same territory (but only if depopulated)
  • Rewrote the entire population migration system to separate migrating groups by polity membership (or lack thereof)
  • Increased the speed at which population groups migrate
  • Removed polity expansion through influence, now polities grow exclusively through migration
  • Polity populations are now limited to migrate only within a polity's core regions, with each polity starting with a single core region
  • Added scriptable player actions and the action toolbar
  • Added a player action that allows a polity to add neighboring regions to their set of core regions
  • Added an event to allow AI-controlled polities to also add core regions
  • Removed the highly repetitive and annoying event-decision chain to increase a tribe's openness (no longer needed)
  • Reduced simulation performance issues tied to decision and event evaluations
  • Added new modding framework for decisions and events
  • Added semi-complete modding guide
  • Fixed Image Export
  • Can export zoomed in map images
  • Improved Drainage Basin Generation
  • Multiple small tweaks and fixes


Worlds - History Simulator 0.3.4 (Win 64bit) 35 MB
Aug 22, 2022
(EXPERIMENTAL) Worlds - History Simulator 0.3.4 (MacOS 64bit) 36 MB
Aug 22, 2022

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God, how long have I been waiting for this. I am very glad that this has finally happened.

do you have a road map?


There was an old roadmap but it's no longer current. I'll have to come up with a new roadmap for the next updates.



Whats the button to go to fantasy mapmode? I did it on accident somehow

Further, in the core regions map mode what does the colored land outside the polity mean


The colored land outside the polity are the regions the polity considers part of their core regions. In theory, a polity would try expanding into those lands until it covers them fully. But it doesn't always work. Especially if the area is too big or it is already occupied by other polities. I will try to improve on that behavior on future versions.


fantasy mapmode? What do you mean exactly by that?

Like the map in the background of the game page

Ahh, you can enable that by clicking the "Views" button and selecting the "Coastlines" option :)