Done Migrating Discovery Mod Scripts

I finally completed the migration of all the old discovery script files to the new mod system. For this I had to add support for a bunch of new expression types on the mod system which is good. Though the new discovery events do not behave exactly the same way as the old ones and there are a bunch of imbalances and bugs I have to handle. I expect to spend the next weekend doing that, then I will make a build to share with the Alpha 3 beta testers (technically they will become Alpha 4 beta testers from this point onward).

With this, I finished adding content for 0.3.4. I will focus the following weeks on overall bug-fixing and balancing while I await from comments from alpha testers. I believe 0.3.4 will be ready to be public in about six weeks if nothing terribly wrong happens in the mean time.

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And when will you return access to the thematic forum on World History Simulation  ?

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Well, I just restored them. Lets see it things remain ok for a little while Welp...

so sorry it happened again