0.3.4 Plan Details

It has been a week since the release of 0.3.3 and things are looking good so far. There are many issues that I need to address before the end of the year though. From application crashes to modding limitations, plus there are some minor additions that feel should have been in 0.3.3. I'll try to add these too.

But before I get to work on this patch release I wanted to spend a weekend planning ahead for 0.3.4 and here I want to discuss the proposed features as showcased in the updated roadmap:

  • Decision Modding
    • The current leader decision event code is very constrained and hard to extend. By implementing decision modding my goal is to simplify the code for decision events while at the same time giving modders a way to add their own decision events to the game.
  • Stances and Tribal Isolation Rework
    • The decision that controls how open is a tribe is to relations to other tribes is badly designed and annoying (repeats much more frequently than other decisions). Instead, my hope is to implement a stance mechanic were a tribe can set how they want to interact with neighboring tribes without the need for a decision event to happen every so often.
  • Tribal Migration
    • Currently, tribal clans tend to stay in the same place where they spawned when, in reality, early tribal clans tended to move searching for better lands for their people and away from overpopulated areas. This feature will improve clan behavior to ensure they migrate outwards toward less populated areas over time as long as they maintain a non-sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, clans who adopt farming as a main activity will stop migrating over time as they adopt a more sedentary lifestyle.
  • Tribal Aggression
    • Sometimes, instead of trying to move away from other clan territories, clans would instead try to take the land from neighboring tribes by attacking and displacing their inhabitants. This feature will try to implement how a tribe's aggressive clans have an effect on neighboring tribes.
  • Inter-clan Conflict
    • Clans within a tribe sometimes would enter into conflict with each other for a variety of reasons. This task will try to model how conflicts between clans would happen and what their effects will be. This will involve adding new decision mechanics and more creative ways for clans to attempt to replace a tribe's dominant clan.
  • 0.3.4 Feature Poll
    • This will be 0.3.4's community chosen feature and it will be one of the following 4 options:
      • Bigger Maps
      • Global Stats and Graphs
      • Wind and Ocean Currents
      • Seasonal Effects (Graphics)

The actual poll will be ready some time this week. On it, I will try to describe each of the feature options in more detail.

By the way, I just added a sticky post on the community board for modders to share their mods. If you are a mod creator be sure to share yours on it!

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Is there any way that you could release more information regarding modding?  Specifically I would like to have a list of knowledges and skills. As well, is there a way to add more polity types? Or is there a way to affect population in a cell and maximum population? Can we add new knowledges and skills that affect these things? I want to try and do things like delaying seafaring so that people don't spread throughout the world almost instantly, although that could also be helped by slowing the simulation on start and not having it be unlimited speed instantly. I'd also like to make a population migration mechanic where people will have a maximum population and prefer to live in areas with better arability and such. I believe this could be possible if you'd share all the things that can be affected and how they work, with better modding resources I'm sure it would make more people wish to mod. I'm going to try to make all I can anyways and learn as much as I can about it but it would be a great help if you'd expand the modding resources more.

There are some modding guides within the base mod folder but these might not be sufficient. I promise I'll add a basic modding guide to the game's wiki this week.

thank you

Is the community poll only for patreons?


No, but patron votes will have more value over public votes. I'll give more details once the poll is up.