Bugs, bugs, bugs!

The first week of the closed alpha just passed by and now I have a list of 16 bugs reported by the alpha testers (Thanks!), of which, only two I was already aware of.

I went thru the list and fixed 5 of the 16 bugs that I currently have on my list. Three of those where simple ones that I was able to solve in a couple of hours. The other two took quite a bit of effort to fix (and one is only partially fixed). In any case, I will spend one or two more weeks fixing critical bugs for alpha 2, and then I will move on to start working on the feature for alpha 3. At that point, I'll stop generating alpha builds for a few months while I finish working on alpha 3. Any non-critical bugs from the previous alpha that remain unfixed will hopefully be taken care of in future closed testing periods.

Reminder, if you want to join the alpha please do so by filling the form here

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Can I have the list?

You can take a look at it here: https://github.com/Zematus/Worlds/milestone/8

It's a bit of a mess since I didn't record some reports properly. But I'm trying to improve that.

Thank you