Fixing Save and Load

The bug fixing process for alpha 2 continues. This time I fixed a very nasty bug that would crash the game very frequently after a tribe switched dominant clans a few times before splitting into two (a very common occurrence apparently).

After that I started working on fixing the save/load process, which became unusable after all the changes introduced by the most recent features. It was a serious misstep on my part to ignore what was an obvious problem before the start of the closed alpha. Yet I was under the impression almost nobody saved the game. Testers showed me wrong, since it quickly became the second most reported bug of this alpha.

In any case, I think I'm close to fixing the worst problems of alpha 2, which means that I will start working on alpha 3 after next week after I release the last closed alpha build (HINT: you can still join the closed by filling up this form) Any bug that remains after I'll try to resolve in future closed alphas.

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