Extending the Closed Alpha

This weekend was spent trying to fix all of the issues with saving and loading worlds and I think I fixed most of them. At this moment it is possible to save a world and load it after in most circumstances, but not all.

Because the load process is still not very stable, I decided to extend the closed alpha for two more weeks to continue stabilizing it. I suspect at least one of the issues affecting the load process is related to simulation corruption, which is a big deal. The farther the simulation advances, the more likely it will get corrupted, which will eventually make the game crash regardless if the world is saved or not.

If I manage to solve the load issues in a week, then I'll continue working on other minor issues until  the two weeks pass. Otherwise I'll delay fixing those issues until the next alpha just as I planned to do.

If you are still interested in participating in the current closed alpha, you can still do so by applying thru this form.

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