Preventing Save File Corruption

This weekend was mostly spent tracking down a nasty issue that would break core distance recalculations. This would lead to a variety of issues, including save file corruption. It took quite a bit of effort to discover the root cause. Nevertheless I think I finally fixed the problem and, so far, I haven't had any more issues loading save files. Plus now the simulation is more stable, which is great. 

I also had the chance to fix a more simpler issue that would happen after loading a world. In this case, factions were not being properly marked as initialized after being loaded, which sometimes would make the game try to initialize them again, which in turn would make the game crash due to an attempt to add duplicated events.

Next weekend I'll continue to fix bugs reported by the testers, Though I'll focus only on smaller, cosmetic issues now that I have dealt with the most frequent crashing ones... This will be the last weekend on work on alpha 2 (for real). I'll create one more build for the closed alpha, but whatever bugs get reported afterwards will be pushed until the start of the next closed alpha phase to be fixed.

By the way, this will be the last week you can  apply to be part of the closed alpha. Do so by filling this form.

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Your hard work is inspiring, I'm glad you're keeping with this beautiful, one of a kind project

Thank you!