Acculturation and Aggression

This weekend I resumed working on tribal aggression. I had already started working on it a long way back during a break while working on tribal migration, but I was not satisfied with the results. So I more or less started over by removing some of the useless aggression functions that I created and instead I added an "incentive" to migrate for tribes and unorganized bands that share the same cell with other more aggressive tribes. The idea here is that aggressive tribes will push out of the cell other less aggressive tribes and unorganized bands... This is only a partial solution that requires a lot of tweaking. As I'm already seeing some undesirable behavior that I need to mitigate before moving forward. The next step, once the 'push out' mechanic works correctly, is to add actions and decisions that incentivize tribes to be more aggressive against other tribes that share a common region. Or to make them renounce a region they are being pushed out from.

In addition to the aggression changes, I also spent some time this weekend improving 'acculturation', which is the process by which people within a cell group might switch membership to a particular tribe from either unorganized bands or other tribes. This is specially useful to help define the territories of overlapping tribes. Hopefully this, alongside aggression, will help tribes migrate over the cells occupied by other tribes and take over them.

Finally, I took the opportunity to 'improve' sea migration a bit. Human groups will no longer be stuck forever in a single continent in the next version. This is just a patch since the goal is to eventually add a more complex sea migration mechanic that involves proper exploration, sea currents, and technological advances. But all that will have to wait until a later release.

Next week, I'll continue working on the 'push out' mechanic and then work on some tribal aggression related actions and decisions.

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