Performance Issues Fixed

The performance problems introduced by some of the aggression changes are now fixed. The cause wasn't really related to the complexity of the new code I added, but rather a bug that I introduced with it that was easy to fix. The new migration pressure code does slow down the simulation a bit, but it's an almost imperceptible drag in performance. So instead of spending more time on it, I focused on rebalancing the migration parameters to get the simulation back to a stable state. Since the changes I made slowed the overall migration of tribes to crawl.

Now that I got the simulation to behave more or less the same as before, the focus this next weekend will be on tweaking the aggression effects to make them more meaningful. As of this moment, tribal aggression preference doesn't seem to have much of an effect on anything. So it might be necessary to add a new overlay just to be able to visualize how aggression influences migration pressure... It's very difficult right now to see where tribes intend to migrate and how this is affected by aggression or other factors. To do this kind of behavior analysis, I currently need to attach a debugger and look at individual groups through it, which is very slow and cumbersome. A good overlay would allow me to visualize the same data for multiple groups at the same time without having to pause the simulation. I just need to figure out how to create such an overlay without having to spend too much time or effort on it.

Another problem I seen occur very frequently which I'll need to solve is what to do with disappearing tribes. There are many tribes that fail to thrive and just suddenly disappear. This would not be much of a deal except when the player is actually controlling them. I'll need to figure out a way to notify the player that the tribe they are controlling is going to disappear and maybe give them a way to prevent that from happening. I also need to make sure that disappearing tribes do not leave garbage data which causes simulation corruption, which still is a very common problem that leads the game to crash. I might need to spend some time fixing a few of those issues during the next weekend. 

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Keep up with development, you are a really dedicated person and we all appreciate your work. Goodluck

I love this game, Its also a very good tool for world building :)