First, I want to apologize for the lack updates on the last four weeks. Progress has been going more slowly than usual and I didn't want to make a post with nothing substantive to talk about. So I decided to hold on for a couple of extra weeks. The main problem has been a lack of time and an accumulation of stress. I love my current real life job, but sometimes it can be very demanding, which means that by the end of the week I'm completely exhausted. Regardless, I still manage to make changes to the code and submit those to the github page. Just not enough to report every week.

In any case, I'm still not done with the last two actions, though I'm inching closer each weekend. I completed the implementation of the algorithm that lets me find out the dimensions of a tribe territory, and I also added some extra bells and whistles to the action menu so that it would display the reasons an action might not be available:

After doing that I encountered a new problem: tribes rarely report having any neighbors. Even when the tribes are bordering each other they would not consider themselves neighbors. This is because the only way a polity would detect another is if they have territorial overlaps. I expected this to be a common occurrence but that wasn't really the case. Most tribes do not enter each other's territories for a variety of reasons, therefore the do not technically "enter into contact". To solve this problem, I rewrote over this past weekend the way I define contacts between tribes by allowing polities to detect each other just by having territory cells of each be adjacent to each other. Though this is one of those things that is complex enough to introduce many bugs, which it obviously did. So I will have to spend at least another week ironing out all the kinks I encounter. The good news is that things will slow down at work over the coming weeks until next year. So hopefully I will have more time and energy to spend it on this project and maybe I'll be able to finish 0.3.4 before the end of the year.

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I think of your game as a work of art. The way it's done with codes.

And doing the work of art with stress does not bring good results. It's like dancing in a stressful way.

That's why I think you should practice your art when you're comfortable, when you don't feel pressured. For a more beautiful work of art to emerge.

I like the improvements that give the player more options. Thanks for making such improvements.


im excited for it.


me too.